Movie Trivia - "Don Juan DeMarco"
Don Juan DeMarco "Don Juan DeMarco"

Johnny Depp agreed to be in the film on the condition that Marlon Brando was cast in the psychiatrist's role.

In order to learn a Spanish accent, Depp watched a tape of Fantasy Island re-runs.

According to Depp, the hardest part of working with Brando was keeping a straight face.

When Dr. Mickler takes his wife out for dinner, you can clearly see the woman who was Don Juan's last conquest at the beginning of the movie, alone and playing with her spoon as she was while waiting in the first encounter.

According to Johnny Depp on the Turner Classic Movies documentary on Marlon Brando, In the scene where he and Brando are sitting at the table talking about the inconsistencies in DeMarco's (Depp) character, when DeMarco admits his father was from New York, Depp's lines were re written just before shooting the scene so he had no time to prepare and memorize the lines. So Marlon Brando talked to the Director and cinematographer to find out where the cameras angles were. He then worked out a way in which he cut up Depp's lines in the script and pasted them to the cup of coffee in his hand and then held the cup in his hand in such a way that the camera wouldn't pick up the pasted lines and Depp could read them.

This is Selena's one and only movie role and it was released just one week after her untimely death.