The Conjuring
''The Conjuring'' (2013), review by PIPANNI (2013-10-10)

Good horror movies are not easy to come by, especially if one can clearly distinguish between gore, scare and pure unadultered chills.

The majority of recent horror movies from Hollywood rely too much on gore and scare and too little on chills. Fortunately that is not the case here. "The Conjuring" successfully recreates the old school of horror film making, where a shadow slowly moving across a room or a door creaking in the night are worth 1000 times more than a total disclosure of the monster under your bed.

The movie has a very powerful start and keeps going, up to roughly two thirds of the way, when it unfortunately reverts to the old (new) formula of showing everything and hiding nothing.

The cast is well chosen and the children are convincing enough to deliver some of the movie's best scenes.

Had the movie kept its initial pace and ambience it would be a memorable film but as it is it's still worth seeing, and good enough not to watch it alone. ;)