''Monsters'' (2010), review by PIPANNI (2012-12-06)

This is one of the best movies that almost no one will watch. Just like "Cloverfield", so does this movie have a misleading trailer and marketing.

Perhaps with the purpose of making more money at the boxoffice, the people involved decided to present this movie as a horror and or suspense flick, with lots of monsters along for the ride, when the movie actually has nothing to do with that.

What we have here is a romance. And a very good one. Great dialogue, lots of chemistry between the leads and amazing scenery that just so happens to have a few monsters roaming around. And what's important to highlight here is exactly that. There are alien monsters but they are just used as background for the story. The movie would work just fine if instead of the monsters there was a war or an outbreak of some kind. Any apocalyptic scenery would provide adequate background.

Also, the viewer is left to wonder just who the monsters from the title are, since the alien creatures only attack if provoked and there are even entire villages living peacefully within the "infected" zone. The only thing disturbing the peace is the constant bombings from the US troops, to try and contain the "monsters".

The ending is thrilling and I won't say any more as not to spoil the movie for the lucky few who will watch it.