Conan the Barbarian
''Conan the Barbarian'' (2011), review by PIPANNI (2012-12-03)

A nice try but this isn't yet a good Conan movie.

The lead actor is well casted but not enough good dialogue is written for him to say. Looks like the people involved in these movies don't really know the character Conan very well. Sure he is a great warrior, strong and confident, but in all the stories I read when I was younger (a lot) Conan is above all else a very smart man. Kind of like a James Bond with big muscles.

Here we have an action movie with a thin plot and thinner characters. Conan slashes and kills everything in his way until he is victorious in the end. The romance part is also not satisfactory as not enough character development is done for the viewer to care about the girl.

It's also strange that with so many good writers interested in the Conan universe the people behind this movie can't go and hire one (or more) of them.

Looking back at the comics I read about Conan makes me feel that in order to do justice to such a rich and deep character a tv show would have to be made, with time and skill to show off all sides of a great character.