Movies with "William Petersen" (3)

''Gunshy'' (1998)
Crime, Drama
Directed by Jeff Celentano
With William Petersen and Michael Wincott
When the New York journalist Jake Bridges catches his girlfriend with another guy, he goes to Atlantic City to drink himself to oblivion. He is...[+]

''Fear'' (1996)
Drama, Thriller
Directed by James Foley
With Mark Wahlberg and Reese Witherspoon
On the surface, the Walkers were a picture perfect family. Steve had a great job as an architect and a beautiful house in Seattle overlooking a...[+]

''Manhunter'' (1986)
Crime, Horror, Thriller
Directed by Michael Mann
With William Petersen, Kim Greist and Dennis Farina
FBI Agent Will Graham, who retired after catching Hannibal Lecter, returns to duty to engage in a risky cat-and-mouse game with Lecter to capture a...[+]