Movies with "Viola Davis" (5)

''Fences'' (2016)
Directed by Denzel Washington
With Denzel Washington and Viola Davis
In 1950s Pittsburgh, a frustrated African-American father struggles with the constraints of poverty, racism, and his own inner demons as he tries...[+]

''Blackhat'' (2015)
Action, Crime, Drama
Directed by Michael Mann
With Chris Hemsworth, Viola Davis and Wei Tang
A man is released from prison to help American and Chinese authorities pursue a mysterious cyber criminal. The dangerous search leads them from...[+]

''Prisoners'' (2013)
Crime, Drama, Thriller
Directed by Denis Villeneuve
With Hugh Jackman, Jake Gyllenhaal and Viola Davis
How far would you go to protect your family? Keller Dover is facing every parent's worst nightmare. His six-year-old daughter, Anna, is missing,...[+]

''Beautiful Creatures'' (2013)
Drama, Fantasy
Directed by Richard LaGravenese
With Alice Englert, Viola Davis and Emma Thompson
Ethan longs to escape his small Southern town. He meets a mysterious new girl, Lena. Together, they uncover dark secrets about their respective...[+]

''The Help'' (2011)
Directed by Tate Taylor
With Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer
Set in Mississippi during the 1960s, Skeeter (Stone) is a southern society girl who returns from college determined to become a writer, but turns...[+]