Movies with "Tony Todd" (5)

''Sushi Girl'' (2012)
Crime, Thriller
Directed by Kern Saxton
With Tony Todd, Noah Hathaway and James Duval
Fish has spent six years in jail. Six years alone. Six years keeping his mouth shut about the robbery, about the other men involved. The night he...[+]

''iMurders'' (2008)
Crime, Drama, Horror
Directed by Robbie Bryan
With Gabrielle Anwar and William Forsythe
When the participants of an internet chat room are brutally murdered in succession, one person's past holds the key to the gruesome mystery.

''Bryan Loves You'' (2008)
Directed by Seth Landau
With Tony Todd, Seth Landau and Candy Stanton
A Psychotherapist investigates a cult that takes over an Arizona town in 1993.

''Scarecrow Slayer'' (2003)
Action, Drama, Horror
Directed by David Michael Latt
With Tony Todd, Nicole Kingston and David Castro
A college freshman is killed during a fraternity prank and is resurrected as a demonic scarecrow

''Night of the Living Dead'' (1990)
Directed by Tom Savini
With Tony Todd, Patricia Tallman and Tom Towles
In this remake of the original classic film, a group of people are trapped inside a farmhouse as legions of the walking dead try to get inside and...[+]