Movies with "Mel Brooks" (5)

''Robots'' (2005)
Animation, Adventure, Comedy
Directed by Chris Wedge
With Ewan McGregor, Halle Berry and Mel Brooks
Even in a world populated entirely by mechanical beings Rodney Copperbottom is considered a genius inventor. Rodney dreams of two things, making...[+]

''Spaceballs'' (1987)
Comedy, Science Fiction
Directed by Mel Brooks
With Mel Brooks, Rick Moranis and Bill Pullman
When the nefarious Dark Helmet hatches a plan to snatch Princess Vespa and steal her planet's air, space-bum-for-hire Lone Starr and his clueless...[+]

''History of the World: Part I'' (1981)
Comedy, Musical
Directed by Mel Brooks
With Mel Brooks, Dom DeLuise and Madeline Kahn
Mel Brooks' uproarious version of history proves nothing is sacred as he takes us on a laugh-filled look at what really happened throughout time....[+]

''Young Frankenstein'' (1974)
Directed by Mel Brooks
With Gene Wilder, Madeline Kahn and Marty Feldman
A young neurosurgeon (Gene Wilder) inherits the castle of his grandfather, the famous Dr. Victor von Frankenstein. In the castle he finds a funny...[+]

''The Producers'' (1967)
Directed by Mel Brooks
With Estelle Winwood, Renée Taylor and David Patch
Producers Max Bialystock and Leo Bloom make money by producing a sure-fire flop.