Movies with "Jon Favreau" (9)

''The Jungle Book'' (2016)
Adventure, Drama, Family
Directed by Jon Favreau
With Neel Sethi, Bill Murray and Ben Kingsley
The man-cub Mowgli flees the jungle after a threat from the tiger Shere Khan. Guided by Bagheera the panther and the bear Baloo, Mowgli embarks on...[+]

''Chef'' (2014)
Directed by Jon Favreau
With Jon Favreau and John Leguizamo
A chef who loses his restaurant job starts up a food truck in an effort to reclaim his creative promise, while piecing back together his estranged...[+]

''The Wolf of Wall Street'' (2013)
Biography, Comedy, Crime, Drama
Directed by Martin Scorsese
With Leonardo DiCaprio, P.J. Byrne and Jon Favreau
In The Wolf of Wall Street DiCaprio plays Belfort, a Long Island penny stockbroker who served 20 months in prison for defrauding investors in a...[+]

''Cowboys & Aliens'' (2011)
Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Directed by Jon Favreau
With Daniel Craig, Harrison Ford and Olivia Wilde
The Old West.. where a lone cowboy leads an uprising against a terror from beyond our world. 1873. Arizona Territory. A stranger with no memory of...[+]

''Iron Man 2'' (2010)
Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi
Directed by Jon Favreau
With Robert Downey Jr. and Mickey Rourke
With the world now aware of his dual life as the armored superhero Iron Man, billionaire inventor Tony Stark faces pressure from the government,...[+]

''Couples Retreat'' (2009)
Directed by Peter Billingsley
With Vince Vaughn, Malin Akerman and Jon Favreau
Dave and Ronnie, Jason and Cynthia, and Joey and Lucy are close. The group used to include Shane and Jennifer, but they divorced and she's gone....[+]