Movies with "James Woods" (8)

''The Virgin Suicides'' (1999)
Drama, Mystery, Romance
Directed by Sofia Coppola
With Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett and James Woods
The lives of an eclectic group of men who live in an affluent American suburb in the '70s are forever changed by their obsession with five doomed...[+]

''Vampires'' (1998)
Action, Fantasy, Horror
Directed by John Carpenter
With James Woods, Daniel Baldwin and Sheryl Lee
The church has long known that vampires exist. However, it is discovered that a group of vampires are searching for a powerful doom for mankind....[+]

''Hercules'' (1997)
Animation, Adventure, Family
Directed by Ron Clements
With Tate Donovan, Susan Egan and James Woods
Hercules, son of the Greek God, Zeus, is turned into a half-god, half-mortal by evil Hades, God of the Underworld, who plans to overthrow Zeus....[+]

''The Specialist'' (1994)
Action, Thriller
Directed by Luis Llosa
With Sylvester Stallone and Sharon Stone
Ray Quick is an ex-CIA bomb expert now living as an high-tech outsider somewhere in Miami, Florida. May Munro has heard of his skills and tries...[+]

''The Hard Way'' (1991)
Action, Adventure, Comedy
Directed by John Badham
With Michael J. Fox, James Woods and Stephen Lang
Action star Nick Lang decides that the best way to prepare for his next film is to spend some time in the trenches, a decision that leaves...[+]

''Cat's Eye'' (1985)
Horror, Thriller
Directed by Lewis Teague
With Drew Barrymore, James Woods and Alan King
Three short stories by shock-meister Stephen King are linked by a stray cat that roams from one tale to the next in this creepy triptych that...[+]