Movies with "Eli Roth" (3)

''Death Wish'' (2018)
Action, Crime, Drama
Directed by Eli Roth
With Bruce Willis and Vincent D'Onofrio
A mild-mannered father is transformed into a killing machine after his family is torn apart by a violent act.

''The Man with the Iron Fists'' (2012)
Directed by RZA
With Russell Crowe, Jamie Chung and Lucy Liu
In feudal China, a blacksmith who makes weapons for a small village is put in the position where he must defend himself and his fellow villagers.

''Inglourious Basterds'' (2009)
Adventure, Drama, War
Directed by Quentin Tarantino
With Brad Pitt, Diane Kruger and Eli Roth
In Nazi occupied France, young Jewish refugee Shosanna Dreyfus witnesses the slaughter of her family by Colonel Hans Landa. Narrowly escaping with...[+]