Movies with "Cameron Mitchell" (5)

''Shortbus'' (2006)
Comedy, Drama, Romance
Directed by John Cameron Mitchell
With Sook-Yin Lee, Peter Stickles and PJ DeBoy
Numerous New York City-dwellers come to the exclusive club Shortbus to work out problems in their sexual relationships. Rob and Sophia are a...[+]

''Kung Fu Cannibals'' (1982)
Adventure, Horror, Action, Comedy
Directed by Edward D. Murphy
With Cameron Mitchell and Geoffrey Binney
A group of martial arts students are en route to an island that supposedly is home to the ghosts of martial artists who have lost their honor. A...[+]

''The Demon'' (1982)
Directed by Percival Rubens
With Jennifer Holmes and Cameron Mitchell
Similiar to HALLOWEEN and BLACK CHRISTMAS (which no doubt influenced the writer/director) this film deals with a series of bizarre murders and the...[+]

''Cataclysm'' (1980)
Directed by Phillip Marshak, Tom McGowan and Gregg C. Tallas
With Cameron Mitchell and Marc Lawrence
Police detective, Mitchell, investigating the death of a victim of a Nazi concentration camp discovers a nightclubbing playboy who has strange...[+]

''The Last of the Vikings'' (1961)
Action, Adventure, War
Directed by Giacomo Gentilomo
With Cameron Mitchell and Edmund Purdom
Harald and younger brother Guntar return to Norway after a 10-year voyage to find their father murdered and his lands now ruled by the villainous...[+]