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  (2016) PIPANNI (2016-07-20)

I'm a huge fan of "Finding Nemo", with its many awesome scenes ("Sharkbait! Uh ha ha!") and interesting characters (Ex: Bruce the shark), but this movie has none of that. The story is paper thin weak: Dory suddenly remembers that she had parents and misses them, goes to meet them, finds her...[+]

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  (2013) PIPANNI (2013-10-10)

Good horror movies are not easy to come by, especially if one can clearly distinguish between gore, scare and pure unadultered chills. The majority of recent horror movies from Hollywood rely too much on gore and scare and too little on chills. Fortunately that is not the case here. "The...[+]

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  (2010) PIPANNI (2012-12-06)

This is one of the best movies that almost no one will watch. Just like "Cloverfield", so does this movie have a misleading trailer and marketing. Perhaps with the purpose of making more money at the boxoffice, the people involved decided to present this movie as a horror and or suspense...[+]

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  (2011) PIPANNI (2012-12-03)

A nice try but this isn't yet a good Conan movie. The lead actor is well casted but not enough good dialogue is written for him to say. Looks like the people involved in these movies don't really know the character Conan very well. Sure he is a great warrior, strong and confident, but in all...[+]

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  (2011) PIPANNI (2012-07-21)

Nice special effects and some good fight coreography, but that's about it. The screenplay is paper-thin weak and the story feels like a jazz session: all over the place and no melody. Actually, the beginning is like the whole movie: slow, confusing and incoherent. So if you like how the...[+]