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  (1998) MJORGE (2012-09-07)

Quantic mechanics has always been a metaphysical challenge from the point of view of what is reality. Since Schrodinger imagined the famous experience of the cat that might be dead or alive in a cage before being observed, that some wonder about the several possible realities we might...[+]

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  (2011) PIPANNI (2012-07-21)

Nice special effects and some good fight coreography, but that's about it. The screenplay is paper-thin weak and the story feels like a jazz session: all over the place and no melody. Actually, the beginning is like the whole movie: slow, confusing and incoherent. So if you like how the...[+]

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  (2011) PIPANNI (2011-04-27)

Almost non-stop action from beginning to end. Nice alien sounds and somewhat realistic weaponry (no lasers!). Michelle Rodriguez and Bridget Moynahan are very underused which is a shame. A fair amount of hollywood cheese brings the movie down a notch, but the special effects are great. It's...[+]

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  (2010) PIPANNI (2011-03-11)

This is a well made, competent movie. The actors are fine and very wisely casted. Even though Jeff Bridges and Hailee Steinfeld stand out, the secondary actors are also very good. I almost didn't recognize Barry Pepper as "Ned Pepper", and the movie script surely tried to give the viewer a...[+]

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  (2008) PIPANNI (2011-02-23)

I would not normally watch a movie where the premise is "an alien who looks human crashes on earth during the iron age", but since this one had known actors (James Caviezel, Ron Perlman, John Hurt) I went ahead and watched it. And I'm very glad that I did. Sure it's a sci-fi movie that...[+]