Molly's GameMJORGE has rated "Molly's Game":

(19-10-2018 22:29:33)

Molly's GameNew movie inserted by MJORGE: "Molly's Game"
Molly Bloom, a young skier and former Olympic hopeful becomes a successful entrepreneur (and a target of an FBI investigation) when she establishes a high-stakes, international poker game.
(19-10-2018 22:29:28)

Phantom ThreadMJORGE has rated "Phantom Thread":

(19-10-2018 22:26:38)

Phantom ThreadNew movie inserted by MJORGE: "Phantom Thread"
Renowned British dressmaker Reynolds Woodcock comes across Alma, a young, strong-willed woman, who soon becomes a fixture in his life as his muse and lover.
(19-10-2018 22:26:32)

American MadeMJORGE has rated "American Made":

(19-10-2018 22:21:45)

American MadeNew movie inserted by MJORGE: "American Made"
The true story of pilot Barry Seal, who transported contraband for the CIA and the Medellin cartel in the 1980s.
(19-10-2018 22:21:35)